• 2007

    A group of stakeholders and producers from the area united to create a group dedicated to determining the needs of producers and transformers in the region and to offer them support
  • 2008

    A survey of 20 Prescott-Russell producers was conducted and a need for clarification of nutritional labelling was identified. Deputy Jean-Marc Lalonde approached the Economic Development office of Prescott-Russell in order to organize a dinner at Queens Park showcasing produce from Prescott-Russell. This event continues to be very well received year after year.

  • 2009

    Nutritional labelling software was purchased by the United Counties of Prescott-Russell, and the Economic Development office was charged to offer this service to producers (free of charge). As of 2014 this service was taken over by the EOAN, which charges a small fee to members and non-members. A website for the EOAN was also created this year by the United Counties.
  • 2010

    The first agri-food map was created - this was a modified "agri-tour" map indicating all the producers with the goal of informing the general population of the local products available in the area.
    Agri-tour (an organized tour of farms in Prescott-Russell) continued in 2010 and 2011.
    Festival Délice 2009 was created with the Tourism Department of Prescott-Russell in order to match restaurants with producers with the intent of informing restaurant owners and chefs of local product availability and to offer the general public the opportunity to sample delicious products from this region.
    In February a Symposium on the Future of Agriculture was held concerning marketing of local products, and was offered to all transformers and producers of the region at Alfred College, with Luc Dupont.
    The name change to Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network was planned.
    The Network was incorporated in July.
    The Network received a 0,000 grant from OMAFRA over 2 years, as well as financial support from the United Counties.
    A coordinator was hired in March.
    The Foire Gourmande was created, and continues still.
  • 2011

    The Network began to work with the firm Lalande et associés in order to elaborate the statute and regulations of the organisation.
    The board of directors was put into place, with 13 members and 2 observing members.
    Discussions began about a marketing plan for "les viandes de l'est" (2011-2014)
    The final year of Agri-Tour was organized
    CIL (agro tent) in Chute a Blondeau
    Study of commercial kitchens was done an intern of the ESSOR project from the University of Guelph - Alfred Campus
    The Network logo was developed by Elevate Communications
    The Network received ,000 in funding from FEDDEV via RDÉE
  • 2012

    A presentation was made to the President of Meats at Independent head office in Toronto
    The first Annual General Meeting was held in June
    ,000 in funding for the Foire Gourmande was received from SDCPR
    Local food in schools project was initiated- Vankleek Hill Farmers' Market marketing and publicity project put in place
    Contractor hired to develop "Viandes de l'est", ,000 SDCPR grant received for this initiative
    Participated in Kemptville agro symposium with a presentation on La Foire Gourmande
    5 plasma screens and 3 touch screens purchased for the grocery store local food aisle project (viandes de l'est)
  • 2013

    Second AGA held at Domaine Perrault, Navan
    Launch of new website and Facebook page
    New local food map, print and online version
    Creation of guided farm tour smartphone application
    Identification of niche product: Blanc Bleu Belge crossed beef
    Partnership with Nourish Ontario for food hub feasibility study
    Development of feasibility study, application to Growing Forward 2 (refused)
    Participation in EOLFFC, lobbying together for "Local Food Act"
    Local products served at SDCPR and Ottawa tourism golf tournaments
  • 2014

    Visit to Mad River Food Hub in Waitsfield, Vermont
    Work on strategic plan with Lalande and associates
    Participation in Eco Farm Day, Cornwall
    Participation in Mission Économique (RDÉE) in bas St Laurent
    Launched new membership structure- Organization of workshop "Le Jardinier Maraicher" in Alfred College, partnership with Alfred College and Farmstart
    Creation of Local Food Branding and Marketing Committee with key stakeholders in the 5 counties
    Development of regulations and business plan for Viandes de l'es t5th annual Foire Gourmande-Local products served at SDCPR Golf Tournament and Pacte d'Amité
    Launch of viandes de l'est in the fall (in development)
    Creation of promotional materials (videos, etc.) and installation of television screens in local grocery stores to promote local products (in development)
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Agri-Food Network

The Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to coordinating the development of the agri-food sector in Eastern Ontario and fostering dialogue between its members and partners.


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